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:: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 ::

Can't Sleep...

The title says it all. They changed my work schedule all around this week. I'm used to closing and being able to stay up 'til 2 am, but now I'm opening at 9 and I'm not used to having to go to bed around midnight. So I'm up and I'm bored and I'm realizing that none of my friends are online right now. How come when you try and go to sleep it just never works out?

Just for the hell of it I should try a sleep deprivation experiment. I've always wanted to try that. There is only one thing stopping me, however...the fact that I need sleep to alleviate boredom. That's right! I need sleep to keep me from pacing around going "What the hell should I do now?" It's not like I need the rest or anything...

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:: Sunday, March 03, 2002 ::
Oops! She Did It Again...

As if the virus that is mindless pop wasn't infecting our lives enough already, now we've got this to worry about.

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Let's Rock Part 2...

It's Sunday morning and I'm back from Nashville Pussy. Two words: Fucking rock! They put on a great show. The music was tight live which is amazing considering how much they move around on stage. I have an image of Ruyter deep throating a beer bottle that will forever be burned in my head. At one point she was down on her knees wailing a solo in front of two girls who put a cowboy hat on her head. Then Ruyter leans over and starts making out with this girl in the crowd while still rocking out her guitar part! IN LUST WE TRUST!

The big surprise of the night, however, was the opening band, Split Lip Rayfield, a bluegrass project that came out and rocked a crowd full of rockabilly and southern rock kids. Amazing stuff from a group of great musicians. I had to pick up CD from them which I've been playing all morning.

Currently listening to: Split Lip Rayfield - Never Make It Home

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:: Saturday, March 02, 2002 ::
Let's Rock...

It's all about Nashville Pussy! I'm off to see them in a few hours at The Majestic in Detroit. The show doesn't start 'til 9 which kind of sucks, but I don't have to work tomorrow so what the hell!

Currently listening to: Backyard Babies - Making Enemies is Good

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:: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 ::
A Good Will Hunting Moment...

I was just told by a college music major that because punk music follows a more basic chord structure, it is not as good as the pop music that is played on MTV today. "I am confident in saying that knowing that I haven't listened to much punk music," is what he told me. When I told him he was delusional because he just learned something and that he thinks he knows all about music now, he said that he was stating fact just as if he was giving me an answer to a math problem. I told him he was either ignorant or had huge balls to make such a sweeping statement. That's when he stormed away from me.

The fact of the matter is that music can only be original long enough for someone to lump it into a category in order to define it for the masses.

Currently listening to: Fu Manchu - California Crossing

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:: Saturday, February 23, 2002 ::
For The Man Who Has Nothing But Wants To Look Like He Has Everything...

Got a small dick? Then this is your solution!

If not, then just get a Civic.

Currently listening to: Halford - Live Insurrection

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:: Thursday, February 21, 2002 ::
Sex Sells...But So Does Heroin...

I think that maybe the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is coming out soon if it's not out already. What a waste of paper! This thing is only there for people who are too afraid to buy porn. Actually, you are probably better off buying porn instead. It's the difference between full nudity and and maybe catching a glimpse of some chick's nipple through her see-through swimsuit. If both are roughly the same price, then why settle for less than the full monty? Plus, those models looks like they need a sandwich or something. They're like little boys with breast implants for God's sake! Who the hell finds that attractive?

And in other news along the same line, read this. I've always thought Enrique Iglesias was a jackass, but now it's confirmed. This guy was hyped as God's gift to women and he bought into it big time. Everything I've ever seen him on, he was acting like he had a 10 inch cock. He's one of those celebrities that you just wanna smack whenever you see him. I got your "hero" right here, chump!

Currently listening to: Skid Row - s/t

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:: Wednesday, February 20, 2002 ::
When Will They Learn...

Tiffany is posing for Playboy. Read this real quick to get the PR reason why she is doing it and then read the real reason... Finished reading? Ok, now here's the real reason why she's doing it: She thinks it's gonna help her "career." (Funny, I thought that was over 15 years ago.)

When will people learn that if you are a has-been or a never-was, taking topless shots for Hef ain't gonna help shit. Did it work for that chick from Different Strokes? NO! Did it work for LaToya Jackson? NO! Did it work for Darva Conger? NO! Good God, people! Wake up and realize that your time in the sun is up. Cut your losses and quit trying to relive past glory that should have never been in the first place. The only reason people even know who you are is coz of some slick marketing and a gullible public. Showing your crotch in Playboy isn't going to change the fact that you suck. Now if it were Hustler...

Currently listening to: Gluecifer - Get The Horn

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